Since 1999
Hoorpendar, as a manufacturing company, has always presented new ideas and designs to solve industry problems. The products and projects of this company have always been implemented with the best quality so that it has been able to meet the needs of its special customers in important industries such as power plants and oil and gas industries.
Years Of Experience
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We are here to design and produce the equipment for you with the best quality.

SINCE 1999

It has always been by the side of its customers

Hoorpendar will be by your side from zero to one hundred, and this is the most important reason that makes us different from other manufacturers.


What do we do?

The main activities and services of this company can be classified into the following three sections.

The main activity of Hoorpendar Company is designing and producing high electronic equipment for applications such as turbines and generators. The company’s production departments include:

-Measuring equipment

– AC / DC control equipment

– Flame detectors

– Electric fire exchangers

– Special equipment and ignition systems

– Special equipment

Another part of Horpandar Company’s activities is the implementation of PLC-based industrial projects as well as the implementation of electrical installations.
– Design and implementation of automation
– monitoring and industrial control projects
– Design and production of PLC-based control equipment
– Design and implementation of electrical and lighting installations

The service department of this company is specialized in providing technical services such as correcting the PID coefficients of control systems, especially control systems (governor and excitation), as well as repairing special electronic equipment.