Founded in 1999

Knowledge-based company of Hoorpendar Electric and Electronic technology industries with more than 20 years of specialized experience in designing and producing various types of electronic equipment and systems and carrying out various projects of instrumentation, industrial control and automation and information monitoring in various industries of the country, with the help of Izad Manan and taking advantage of the capabilities of the country’s specialists and using the latest technology in the world, has been able to successfully implement various projects in this field

The main customers of this company have been dams, power plants, oil and gas exploitation companies, the Meteorological Organization and other main industries of the country, for which either specialized electronic and microprocessor equipment and systems have been specially designed and built, or control projects. Industrial automation is designed and implemented.

These equipments and systems need to have high technology and engineering power and the ability to operate permanently and safely in very harsh conditions in terms of temperature, vibration, humidity, magnetic fields, sparks caused by keying and lightning. They can be used in important industries such as controlling power plants, drinking water supply in Tehran or various oil and gas pumping stations and factories in the oil company, whose permanent operation is very important both economically and politically

Years of experience in designing and manufacturing various equipments in such industries, has enabled the company to specialize in this period, when the country needs self-sufficiency in meeting its technical needs by localizing the required industrial equipment and systems, part Meet the needs. With the aim of promoting the technology of the electronics industry in the country, study and research have been at the top of the company’s work policy and by providing appropriate solutions, it has met many needs of different industries.

Most of the projects that have been done so far have the nature of research that has been implemented for the first time in Iran, including the design and construction of power plant generator excitation system, digital turbine governor system, two-axis laser gridoscope, network equipment Industrial data collection, information switching system of meteorological centers, etc.

This company is one of the few Iranian companies that in addition to the ability to implement various electrical projects, instrumentation, automation, monitoring and industrial control, as a designer and manufacturer of electronic equipment with industrial applications and with full experience and familiarity with These conditions and using the capabilities of local engineers and specialists have been able to bring a wide variety of systems with the expected efficiency and facilities to industrial production.